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Free Online Version Control System

One problem that annoyed me for years in my life as a programmer has to do with managing versions of the projects they develop. Besides the obvious problem of making change or delete false inadvertently blocks of code,  I always had the problem of developing on multiple computers and have to go with the code from one place to another. Of the various methods I used, two were particularly useful / functional:

Pendrive to take the code between computers, taking care to create multiple folders with different versions of the sources;
Internet Sites like to store online all my sources;

Despite taking care of the problem, none of these methods correspond to my needs and from time to time something went wrong. After many problems, some bigger some smaller, I decided to seek a better solution and I finally found one that really solved my problem and that has worked swimmingly. It comprises:

software TortoiseSVN : free Version Control Software (compatible withSubVersion/SVN) with Windows Explorer integration
site : free online repository (compatible withSubVersion/SVN)

Version Control Systems, keep a central database  of the various stages / versions of a development project. It works especially well when there are multiple developers working on the same project, guaranting – for example – that several programmers do not modify the same code at the same time. And even if they do, have the tools that compare the various amendments, who did and where they were made.

All this through the Internet and for … Free. Could it be better? No! 🙂


UPDATE 23/03/2012: The free version of  is now limited to 2 projects

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Ruin Conficker’s plans with OpenDNS

According to some security experts, Conficker, will tomorrow, April 1, try to get in touch with one of the thousands of sites that supposedly will give it further instructions to continue his path of evil.

One of the best ways to prevent Conficker coming into contact with these sites, is to prevent the DNS server from resolving  the sites in question, which may seem a complicated task, but it is not.

OpenDNS, which is free, provides DNS servers that do not resolve the addresses requested by Conficker. All that is needed is to replace in your computer or network the DNS servers used for resolution of  Internet addresses. Warning! Do not change the DNS servers that resolve names internally!

In addition to preventing the Conficker “phone home” the OpenDNS allows you to see if you have any infected computer on your network through a state panel that it provides. In it, we can see how many sites were blocked and why.

Lista de domínios bloqueados

Lista de Domínios Bloqueados

But OpenDNS is much more that blocing Conficker. Its databases contain millions of sites divided into different categories that we can choose to banish from our network (or computer).This capability, coupled with its speed, availability and other small features OpenDNS makes an essential service and free … 🙂


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