I’m from the Spectrum generation. I started copying programs from books so I could play them when I wasn’t even 10 years old. From there, programming my own programs was a leap. As a teenager I did programming work for university students and when I started working it was in programming.

My interests changed and I entered the area of databases, SQL programming and network administration, areas in which I obtained several Microsoft certifications. Along the way I also published the books, by the Portuguese Editor FCA, “Local Networks in Windows 98 & 95 – Complete Course” and the corresponding update for the hated Windows Me.

Around 40 I decided to “formalize” my knowledge and took a degree in IT at the Universidade Aberta (17 points).

In 2023 I finished my postgraduate degree in biostatistics and biometrics at Universidade Aberta (17 points). The initial idea was to do the respective master’s degree, but now I don’t have time to do the dissertation.

I’m updating my Microsoft certifications and have already obtained some in the areas of Azure and Power Platform. I also continue at the Open University to attend Isolated Curricular Units of the Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering and Web Technology.

I belong to the bodies of a science dissemination association, and I practice outdoor sports, especially orienteering where I perform occasional tasks in organizing events.